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7th December 2020 COVID-19 Training Update

Posted on 7 December 2020

This update is for all athletes training at DEL and with WSEH and the information is based on the latest government and England Athletics guidance from 4th December 2020. All WSEH coaches are being kept up-to-date with the current situation and are planning appropriately. We therefore recommend that athletes who are current club members and/or train at WSEH make contact their coach(es) to find out what they have planned.

Please remember that the club and DEL staff are only following government guidelines so we request that all club members and coaches remain respectful and adhere to the rules so that we can enable as many people as possible to  train during this difficult time.

Coaching Ratios:

Coaching group ratios can consist of 1 coach for 12 athletes or 2 coaches for 15 athletes.

Training Inside:

Training Outside:

Training Outside on the Athletics Track:

Athletes of all ages and coaches across all 3 tiers can train on the outdoor track but only athletes living in Tier 1 or Tier 2 areas can attend sessions organised by the club on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Athletes 18 or over who live in Tier 3 areas can travel to Tier 2 areas to train as INDIVIDUALS but cannot meet up with other athletes or with a coach. Athletes who fall into this category can book individual track training sessions via reception at TVAC for any time apart from Tuesday and Thursday eveinings.

These guidelines/rules apply for Tuesday and Thursday club evening training sessions:

General Training outdoors at other locations:

COVID-secure training in Tier 3 areas (e.g. Slough):

The 4th December England Athletics Table with full guidelines is available here.