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The club’s Academy is for young and beginner athletes in school year’s 6-11 who are establishing themselves in the sport and for whom ability in particular events is yet to emerge.

The Academy trains young and beginner athletes across all aspects of athletics, running (sprints, hurdles and some middle distance), jumps (long jump and high jump) and throws (javelin, discus, shot).

UK Athletics define this as the ‘Foundation Stage’ of the Athlete Development Pathway. We believe athletes in the Academy develop their confidence and all round athletics skills.

Our aim is for their potential for events to emerge, with a view to progressing them onto any specialist training groups when they are ready.

UK Athletics state “we define athletics as a Late Specialisation sport. Athletes should only focus on one group of events after they have had the chance to develop their skills in the whole sport. This needs to be done whilst recognising the inevitable changes that will occur to a young person’s body and mind as they grow”.

All academy athletes will train in a range of events. The aim is to develop them technically and to give them experience of all areas of athletics, i.e. running, jumping, throwing. Finding out what they are good at and what they like, (normally the same thing), is a key aspect of an athlete’s time in the Academy.

They will all participate in sprint and/or middle distance running every week. This is for general fitness and the assessment of running capabilities. No matter what event they progress to in the future (e.g. long jump, high jump, hurdles, javelin etc.) a lot of running and general fitness is needed to support the technical training.

The Academy coaches will be constantly assessing the athletes to monitor their development. When they reach potential for joining a specialist event training group, they will be invited to trial with that group, with a view to progressing from the Academy.

Academy training is held on Club training nights, which are Tuesday and Thursday evenings, at Thames Valley Athletic Centre in Eton, from 6pm to 7.30pm.

Training continues throughout the year including half term breaks and school holidays. We only have a break over Christmas and New Year.

Academy athletes also have the opportunity to compete. We are a competitive athletic club and expect all our athletes to compete. We view athletic competitions as a priority for our athletes to both enjoy competing for the club in team-based events and to be a key part of their own development. For information on competitions, please see here.

If your child would like to come along for a trial session, please complete the membership enquiries form on the contact us page and someone from the club will contact you to arrange.

Thank you Ian for everything you have done for her, she has enjoyed her time with the academy (has progressed onto a specialist sprint group)

A parent

Thanks so much for being very supportive with her progression. She has rerally enjoyed her time in the Academy and it has given her the motivation to want to progress in athletics (has progressed onto a specialist sprint group and advanced hurdles training)

A parent

Thank you for all your coaching help and advice in her first year (has progressed onto a specialist sprint group, a specialist long jump group and advanced high jump training)

A parent

Thank you Ian for all the wonderful coaching and support (has progressed onto a specialist middle distance group)

A parent

That’s fantastic news. Many thanks for all your hard work and the training that she received from the team. Much appreciated (has progressed onto a specialist sprint group)

A parent

Thank you, really appreciate all the encouragement from his coaches, he has come a long way under your guidance (has progressed onto a specialist middle distance group)

A parent

I know my daughter has really enjoyed the Academy. Great coaching and support and encouragement from the coaches (has progressed onto a specialist sprint group)

A parent

My daughter has loved being part of the Academy – thank you for all of the support (has progressed onto a specialist sprint group, plus advanced long jump training)

A parent

Many thanks to Academy coaches, it’s thanks to all Academy training and your support (has progressed onto a specialist long jump group)

A parent

Thanks so much for all of your support and encouragement – it goes a long way! My daughter loved the Academy for her short time with you and is delighted to now be focusing on sprinting (has progressed onto a specialist sprint group, plus advanced long jump and specialist hurdles training).

A parent

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