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Dennis Daley – Services to Athletics & Running

We are pleased to announce that long standing club servant Dennis Daley was nominated for and won the ‘Services to Athletics and Running category’ at the South East England Athletics Volunteer Awards 2023.

Below is the nomination submissission:

Please tell us the story of the individual including how long they’ve been involved in the sport, roles undertaken, what they’ve achieved and what they’ve contributed to the sport.

Dennis has been involved in athletics for over 65 years, first as a schoolboy athlete joining Slough AC. Dennis has held many roles within club athletics, officiating and coaching for 50 years. In the early years he even helped dig a long jump pit in a park (quite literally grass roots level involvement). Dennis has held most positions in the club, for many years as Club Secretary, Meeting Manager and Announcer. Now 85 years of age Dennis is still involved on match days and always available to help and advise what’s best for the club and members. Dennis has represented at county and national committees and has contacts at numerous organisations and strongly promotes grassroots athletics at every opportunity.
Dennis was the initiator of the merger of 2 local clubs to become WSE AC. And then he was a major player in the further merger to become WSE&H AC
It’s not an exaggeration to say that WSEH wouldn’t be where we are if not for Dennis.

What qualities make them a worthy winner of this award?

Dennis is a humble man who never boasts about his achievements (sometimes not even mentioning it which makes a submission like this very difficult!) Dennis is content knowing he’s done his best & the right thing. However, one of Dennis’ great qualities is that he inspires and encourages all to reach their full potential in their event, (coaching a number of throwers to regional and national success) but also to a wider group, encouraging and inspiring many to try a different event, get involved in coaching, team management, officiating etc., always with a smile. Without Dennis, many volunteers involvement would have ended some years ago.
Dennis was a great negotiator between WSEAC and other important stakeholders, to enable an important move to our current venue whilst promoting the interests of WSEH and the wider community benefits. Dennis’ character is such that despite differences of opinions or approaches, Dennis made many friends and strong supporters of our club.

What difference have they made to the club/county/region?

Without Dennis’ input WSEH would probably not exist & certainly not at its’ current level.
Dennis has helped create an enduring culture that inspires and encourages us all whether athlete, coach, team manager, committee member, parent or friend of the club. He recognises community and cultural benefits, initiating a long running cultural exchange with Osnabruk TB
This quote goes someway to illustrate what Dennis is to anyone who knows him
“Dennis has been the most encouraging and supportive individual I have met in the sport. His knowledge, patience and understanding are of immense value to all. His efforts and commitment in ensuring WSEH is a major player in club athletics is without question.” PG
It is difficult to put into words what Dennis means to us all but he is an amazing person and all who know him wholeheartedly support this nomination. After all his years of selfless contribution it would be fabulous if his contributions could be recognised in this way.

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