1. The Club shall be called the Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow Athletic Club (WSEH) and shall be affiliated to the UKA & England Athletics and to any other Association which is also affiliated to the UKA & England Athletics that the Committee may deem necessary in the interests of the Club. 

2. That the General Headquarters of the Club be the clubroom at the Thames Valley Athletics Centre, Pococks Lane, Eton, Berkshire SL4 6HN. Reference to the Club premises and facilities within the rules refers specifically to: The club-room, club-office, club meeting room, club canteen, club weights room, exclusive access times in the Thames Valley Athletic Centre, use of club equipment not deemed to be belonging to TVAC. 

3. That the object of the Club be the promotion of amateur athletics. 

4. That the Club colours be a saxe blue vest with two amber bands, 

(a) That all members competing for the Club are required to wear the Club colours. (b) That all members wear suitable clothing whenever they use the Club facilities for training purposes. 

5. That full members of the Club be confined to amateurs as defined by the UKA. as follows:- 

“An amateur is a person who competes for the love of the sport and as a means of recreation, without any motive of securing any material gain from such competition”. 

Membership of the club shall be open to any person that has reached the age of 9 years or over – subject to approval by the Committee. 

6. Subscriptions 

A. The subscription year will be from 1st April to 31st March. The minimum annual subscription for full members, subject to revision at an AGM or Extraordinary General Meeting, will be: 

Senior members (over 20 years of age) £70.00 pa * 

All other age groups £60.00 pa * 

Higher Competition Athletes £20.00 pa 

Honorary / Associate – Non competing No charge ** 

* All First Claim athletes must be registered by WSEH with England Athletics and to have paid the annual registration fee as applicable for that season. Non-payment of subs and the England Athletics registration fee will render the member unable to compete in matches and competitions. First claim members are expected to compete for the Club when selected. Continued refusal to compete without just cause will be considered as a breach of Club rules and could lead to their membership being terminated. 

** Where the named person is actively working on behalf of the Club this free membership will be awarded on an annual basis and the said person will be granted Honorary Associate Membership, confirmed by Committee. 

A one-off joining fee of £25.00 is payable by first claim athletes, in addition to the subscription fee. 

B. Subscriptions shall be paid by April 1st – a reminder will be sent to all unpaid members by April 30th. Anybody not having paid their subscription shall have their membership suspended and will thus be ineligible to compete and unable to use the club facilities. 

C. Subscriptions for new members joining after September 30th shall be half the normal subscription rate. Full subscriptions shall be payable in the following subscription year. 

D. Family membership (3 or more full members) shall be offered a 15% discount on the annual subscription fees on joining WSEH, and when renewing their membership then this 15% discount will apply providing all the annual subscription fees are paid by April 30th. ** 

** Joining fees and the England Athletics annual registration fee are not subject to any discount. 

7. That there should be an Associate Membership of the Club. An Associate Member shall be a non- competing member and is one who is invited by the Committee to be such in view of their declared intention to assist the Club in the promotion of athletics. Associate Members will not be deemed full members of the Club and therefore will have restricted use of the club facilities. 

Such Associate Members shall have no voting rights unless elected to hold office by an AGM. 

The admission of Second Claim Members into Club Membership is subject to approval of the General Committee. The General Committee may, from time to time, review the Second Claim Members and may impose limits on such members. 

Second Claim Members shall be able to attend but shall have no voting rights at any AGM, EGM or SGM and can only speak at such meetings by invitation from the Chairman. 

8. Any Coach wishing to operate during the Club “exclusive use” times at the Centre shall be required to join the Club, at the very least as an Associate Member. The payment of a joining fee and subscription may be waived at the discretion of the General Committee. 

9. Membership 

A. Any paid up first claim member gaining a Senior Great Britain vest or Country representation at a major international championship shall become an Honorary Member of the Club with effect front the start of the next subs year. The qualifying competitions include Olympic Games, World, European and Commonwealth Championships and those athletes qualifying will be ratified by Committee and the athlete advised if approved. 

B. Any paid up first claim member gaining lesser national representation shall receive free membership for the following year. Those qualifying will be ratified by Committee and on approval the athlete will be offered free membership for the following subs year. 

C. Honorary or free membership shall be ratified by the Club Committee before the end of the year in which the achievement occurs. 

D. Life membership for outstanding service to the Club may be granted subject to Committee recommendation and put before the AGM for ratification. 

E. Where finances permit, WSEH will be pleased to offer a Track & Field Achievement Award to any fully paid First Claim member of the Club who achieves a top three finish in an outdoor Senior National Championship. 

To be considered for the Award, the athlete must have previously competed for the Club and have entered the Championship as an individual WSEH Club athlete. 

F. Where finances permit, WSEH will be pleased to offer a National League award (at the end of the season) to any paid-up member who has competed for WSEH in the National Athletics League (NAL). 

10. That the management of the Club be vested in: 

A. An Executive Committee consisting of the Club Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Treasurer, Honorary Secretary, Team Director. A quorum shall consist of three members, two of whom must be either the Chairman, Treasurer or Honorary Secretary. Formal minutes shall be taken of all meetings and made available to all elected Officers and Committee Members of the Club. 

B. A General Committee consisting of the Executive Committee and all other elected Officers and Committee Members. Formal minutes shall be taken at all meetings and made available to all elected Officers and Committee Members of the Club. 

C. The Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Treasurer and all other Club Officers and Committee Members shall be elected by the Annual General Meeting and shall retire at the following Annual General Meeting when they shall be eligible for re-election. No person shall be eligible for election as an Officer or Committee Member unless they are a full member, associate or otherwise approved member of the Club. 

D. The Executive Committee shall have the power to form sub-committees as shall be deemed necessary to the successful running of the Club, co-opting Officers, Committee Members or other club members whom they deem suitable to contribute to such sub-committees. Two thirds of the sub-committees must be elected Officers or Committee Members. Formal minutes shall be taken, circulated and debated at the next Executive and/or full Committee Meeting. 

E. All elected Officers, Committee Members and co-opted subcommittee members shall carry out their duties on a voluntary basis and in the best interests of the Club. 

F. Records shall be kept of attendance at the Executive, full Committee, and sub-committee meetings and these records shall be made available at the AGM when elections of Officers and Committee Members are made for the following year. Any Officer or Committee Member who is absent, without just cause, from three consecutive Executive or Full Committee Meetings, shall be deemed to have resigned their position. The Committee may proceed to fill the vacancy as necessary, in the interests of the Club. 

G. Six members at a full committee meeting shall constitute a quorum of which three of these must either be the Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Honorary Secretary or the Treasurer. 

11. A nominated member shall register via the membership website ‘WSEH Myclubhouse’ through which they will confirm that they have read and understood the Club Rules and Privacy Policy, together with his/her first year’s subscription. Membership acceptance is then subject to committee approval. In the event that the nomination is not approved any fees will be refunded. 

12. Club rules must be available to all members (e.g. via the club’s website). 

13. That a member desirous of resigning shall give notice in writing to the Honorary Secretary at least three days before the date on which his/her subscription is due (i.e. 31st March) or he /she becomes liable for the ensuing year’s subscription. His /her membership terminates on the date of that notice unless he/she is financially indebted to the Club, in which case the Committee may withhold acceptance of the resignation until he/she has discharged his/her liability. 

14. Performance 

A. A First claim member is required to meet competition and performance levels required by the Club and Club Coaches. Where improvements in performance are required then these will be confirmed in writing and agreed with the athlete. For athletes aged 17 and under these will also be confirmed in writing to and agreed with the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the athlete. Timescales to achieve the required improvements must be agreed and confirmed in writing. Subsequent performance will be monitored and recorded, Reviews will be held, and recorded, with the athlete and parent/guardian to confirm delivery against the agreed targets. Non achievement of targets could lead to termination of WSEH membership and use of WSEH facilities. If this is the case, then this must be confirmed in writing to the athlete and parent/guardian and be subject to ratification by Club Committee. An appeal may be made to Committee at which the athlete and/or representative may be present. 

B. The Committee may expel from the Club any member whom they deem guilty of a serious violation of the club rules or any other serious misconduct, subject to ratification by a subsequent Committee at which the athlete and/or representative may be present to appeal. Any member in violation of Club Rules shall be liable for immediate suspension and such suspension being first agreed by the Club Chairman, Hon. Secretary and at least one other committee member. The suspension shall be debated and voted upon by the Committee at the next full committee meeting and the member notified accordingly of the decision of the Committee. 

15. The office of President and Vice Presidents shall be offered at the discretion of the Committee to persons considered appropriate for the office. There shall be no limit to the number of Vice Presidents. The posts shall be reviewed annually at the AGM. 

16. Annual General Meeting 

A. That the Annual General Meeting of the Club shall normally be held on the last Friday in November in every year to receive the Committee’s report and the Financial Statement, elect officers and committee and deal with any other specified matter on the agenda. Twenty-eight days’ notice of such meeting shall be given to members by the Honorary Secretary, stating the business to be transacted at such meeting. All notices for motion(s) to be included on the agenda of any such meeting must be received by the Honorary Secretary 14 days prior to the AGM. Twenty shall form the quorum. Honorary Auditors shall be appointed at the A.G.M. to audit the accounts for the following year. 

B. All nominations for election of officers at an AGM must be proposed and seconded by fully paid up 1st claim members and notified to the Club Secretary at least 14 days prior to the AGM. If no nominations are received by the due date and the vacancy remains unfilled then nominations can be made at the AGM – duly proposed and seconded. 

17. That the Club shall have a banking account and cheques shall be signed by any two of the following: Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Treasurer and Team Director. The Honorary Secretary shall pay any monies for the Club to the Honorary Treasurer by the end of each month. The Membership Secretary shall bank all monies received for the Club into the Club’s Bank Account and advise the Treasurer by form of an electronic spreadsheet with the details of all said receipts at least on a monthly basis. Membership payments made online via Bank Transfers will be advised by the Membership Secretary to the Treasurer by an electronic spreadsheet with the details of all said receipts at least on a monthly basis. 

18. That a Special General Meeting shall be called by the Honorary Secretary on receiving a request signed by forty fully paid-up 1st claim members of the Club and stating the object of the meeting, or on being directed to do so by the Committee. The Honorary Secretary shall give at least fourteen days’ notice of such Special General Meeting to all members entitled to vote at the meeting. Such notice shall state the object of the meeting. 

19. That the Club can only be dissolved at a General Meeting of members specially convened for that purpose, and any such monies and effects of the Club shall be disposed of as directed at such meeting. 

20. That no alteration or addition may be made to the Club Rules except at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose. Notice of such alterations must appear on the agenda for such meeting. 

21. That all Club properties are to be housed in the designated rooms at Thames Valley Athletic Centre and may not be loaned to any member or organisation without the prior consent of the Committee. Any apparatus thus loaned must be entered into a record book and a signature obtained. 

22. Club Records 

A. All club records must be submitted to the Committee for ratification. 

B. A Club Record achieved by a member shall be recognised as such if the athlete has previously competed for the Club. 

23. All members, including associate, honorary and second claim members may attend any AGM, SGM or EGM of the Club but voting will be restricted to: 

A. Full paid up 1st claim members of the Club

B. Members and Officers of the General Club Committee

C. One parent or legal guardian of a paid up Under 17 or younger member shall be entitled to attend and shall be entitled to a proxy vote on behalf of the member.

D. General Committee approved Club Coaches and Officials. 

24. Members may introduce guests to the clubroom at TVAC and will be responsible for their conduct and any damage caused by them whilst on the premises. Such guests, not exceeding three per member on any one occasion, shall enjoy full rights and privileges of the Club and shall be subject to its rules and current regulations. 

25. The Club Accounts shall be audited annually by an approved auditor and the Auditor’s comments shall be considered by the full committee. The Auditor shall not be a member of the Committee. 

26. The General Committee shall have the final decision on interpretation and implementation of Club Rules where ambiguities occur. Such ambiguities shall be addressed at the following AGM by a clarifying amendment. 

Updated by D J Weston to reflect club changes 2020 Version 2.