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Volunteering – being part of the team

We view athletic competitions as a great opportunity for our volunteers and parents to enjoy being part of the club and contributing to our performance at them. This would be as a qualified official (for which there is a simple entry level course that the club would pay for), or as a parent helper (raking sand pits, collecting throwing equipment, etc). Being an official earns points for the team and being a parent helper is being part of the team!

Athletic clubs can only function because of the support we get from volunteers – parents, carers, supporters, ex athletes.…in fact anyone with an interest in the sport and wanting to help athletes to perform.

The amount of time required can be as little as an hour, we are always willing to liaise and be flexible around people’s availability.

We are always looking for:

  • Officials to help on match days
  • Team managers and assistants to help with event entries and team management both before and during competitions
  • Volunteers to help with events, particularly when we have home matches
  • Volunteers to help with catering and refreshments when we have home matches
  • Coaches and assistants

If you would like to join our team of volunteers, please complete the enquiry form on the contact us page and someone from the club will contact you to discuss further.

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  • We are committed to providing an environment that is welcoming to all, is a fun, positive environment for athletes, volunteers & parents and we support the physical, emotional and social development of all our members.