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Position on accepting new sprinters into the club during the COVID-19 Pandemic

As you can imagine – we are in unusual and difficult times.  Athletic Club training sessions are limited by strict government & England Athletics rules & guidelines. Currently, we are not even able to accommodate all our current members with their normal training regimes.  

The sprint coaches who rely on use of the athletics track and indoor facilities are particularly impacted. This means that the club cannot take on any new sprinters unless they are already of “County Athletics” standard or are looking to move athletic clubs in order to further their development. 

If the prospective sprinter has already achieved County Athletics standard, please complete the Contact Us form (please make sure to include all the details listed below) and someone will be in touch.

  • Full name of prospective member
  • Date of birth
  • What athletics events they have done at school and their best performances
  • Which event(s) they are interested in developing.   
  • Any athletics competitions they have attended at or above county standard (e.g. county or county schools championships, regional or national championships)

If you/the athlete is new to sprinting, we are sorry, but we will have to ask you to contact us in the new year – when we hope the situation will have changed for the better.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE that we are a competitive athletic club, whose members train throughout the year. We have 2 key expectations of our members which are a condition of membership.

  1. To train regularly, two evenings a week – for young members this is usually on Tuesday & Thursday evenings  
  2. To compete regularly for the club in league matches (once their coach thinks the athlete is ready).  During the summer Track & Field season, this averages once every 2 to 3 weeks, on a Saturday or Sunday.  There is limited competition over the winter for sprinters and field athletes.  However, there is regular competition in the form of road relays, cross country leagues and championships for middle distance runners over the winter months.

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  • We are committed to providing an environment that is welcoming to all, is a fun, positive environment for athletes, volunteers & parents and we support the physical, emotional and social development of all our members.