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Ukraine athletes support fundraiser

Posted on 25 March 2022


If you watched the World Indoor Championships in Belgrade, you may have seen the Ukrainian high jumper, Yaroslava Mahuchikh, win the gold medal. She endured a tough three day journey to get to Belgrade. Without support, it is uncertain where Yaroslava and others will find somewhere safe to live and train going forward.

The Ukrainian Athletic Federation do not have access to their offices and their staff are either in transit to find safety or, if they are men, in combat defending their country. Through a friend who is a member of WSEH AC, the secretary of the Ukrainian Federation has appealed for help, in order for Ukraine to continue to have some visibility at this season major championships – something important for the pride of the nation.

We have set up a Crowdfunder project. If you feel you might be interested in getting involved, please take a look at the project information, by clicking on this link to understand more and perhaps make a donation: